Thursday, August 24, 2023

Friday Links!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

From Ken Piper, and this is an excellent read: ‘We were once paid $50 to quit’: new wave heroes Devo on boos, Bowie and retiring after 50 years. This is tantalizing: Physicists Identify a Strange New Form of Superconductivity. Just like people: Meta, OpenAI, Anthropic and Cohere A.I. models all make stuff up — here’s which is worst. This is absolutely fascinating: A Brain Implant Helped Stroke Survivors Regain Movement. This is actually quite amazing (I'm a left arm guy, myself): Left or right arm: Choosing where to get vaccinated matters, study suggests. Here's why.

From C. Lee, and this is a fantastic video: What did the Vikings eat? I'd never considered this before: In Colonial Williamsburg, Thieving Rats Save History. Now I wish I was ultrarich: All the Quiet Money Can Buy Talking to the professional soundproofers for the ultrarich. Talk about being bled dry (and HP has been the worst for decades): Requiring ink to scan a document—yet another insult from the printer industry. This doesn't seem good at all: Researchers Find Thousands of Microplastic Particles in Human Heart Tissue

From Wally, and it's in the most old-school format you could imagine, but it's searchable there's a ton of information: Disk Prices. I mean, buyer obviously beware? ‘Bored Apes’ investors sue Sotheby’s, Paris Hilton and others as NFT prices collapse

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