Thursday, August 31, 2023

Friday Links!

Happy Friday, everyone!

From C. Lee, and they're back: Americans at high risk advised to wear masks as new Covid variant detected. This is a terrific read (and hopefully it's not paywalled for you): The Dark History Oppenheimer Didn't Show. Bizarre: We Got Our Hands on an HK G11, the Space-Age Rifle That Never Was. This is a double-edged sword in so many ways: We Fired the Army’s New Rifle and Machine Gun. It Was a Heavy-Metal Experience. An excellent visualization: Visualizing $156 Trillion in U.S. Assets, by Generation. This is quite useful: Kakeibo: The Japanese art of saving moneyd/kakeibo-the-japanese-art-of-saving-money

I'm looking forward to the astonishing range of products in Japanese vending machines (hard pass on the horse meat, though): Japanese Vending Machine

From Ken P., and it's an interesting look at college demographics in California: These charts show which Californians go to the most selective colleges. A pleasantly dated video about the pogo: Debbie Harry Demonstrates the Punk Pogo Dance for a U.S. Audience (1978). Hmm: Taylor Swift on the syllabus? Her songbook is now required reading for some college courses. A fascinating argument: New JWST data confirms, worsens the Hubble tension. This is incredibly concerning (and not much of a surprise); The Secret Weapon Hackers Can Use to Dox Nearly Anyone in America for $15

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