Monday, August 28, 2023

You'd Think I'd Have Gotten a Treat, But All I Got Were Eggs

The first draft of This Doesn't Feel Like The Future was completed today.  136 days. 78,641 words. 

It seems like I should be celebrating writing a book, but I haven't written one yet. I've only done about 10% of the work. Editing and rewriting is the other 90%.

Still, though, you have to do the first 10% to get to the other 90%.

I went to the grocery store to buy eggs for Eli 22.0, because he likes to make eggs for breakfast, and I felt like I should get at least a little something for myself, but anything I want I can't eat anymore, so I passed. 

I'll start working on the second draft in about a month. When that's done, I'll have a draft that's at least readable. It will resemble a book, even though it won't be one yet.

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