Thursday, September 07, 2023

Friday Links!

Happy Friday and greetings from somewhere.

This comes as no surprise: Study: Carbon offsets aren’t doing their job, overstate impact.

One of television's greatest comics: Enjoy this treasure trove of TV pioneer Ernie Kovacs

This will eventually be very, very powerful: 10X coders beware: Meta’s new AI model boosts coding and debugging for free

From David G., and it's quite an unlikely find: Texas drought exposes resting place of five sunken World War I ships in Neches River.

This is both terrifying and great: Kmart in-store reel-to-reel soundtrack great for your next cocktail party.

From C. Lee, and it's a great example of the complexities of global policy: The Taliban’s Opium Ban Has Become an Existential Problem for the West. Related: Narcan Is Headed to Stores: What You Need to Know. A bizarre historical footnote: The Little-Known Land Fraud That Changed American History. This is fascinating: The Usefulness of a Memory Guides Where the Brain Saves It. An excellent read: Why Mathematical Proof Is a Social Compact. This is terrific: Meet Quentin Tarantino’s Secret Muse, the Queen of Vintage Japanese B-Movies. A fantastic bit of music history: Forget Versailles, Tune into the Forgotten Château that Became France’s Abbey Road. I'll get to try this someday, I hope: How South Korea Fell in Love With Norway’s Unique Cheese

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