Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Nobody Said It Was Logical

"What are you doing?" Eli 22.1 asked me as he walked into the living room. It was on the Saturday before we left, and college football was on television.

"Just sitting here feeling a little stressed about the trip," I said, "which I know is ridiculous, because I don't have to do anything except follow you."

He laughed. "What are you stressed about? I'm doing literally everything so you don't have to be stressed."

"I'll be stressed until we get through security," I said. 

"Why?" He laughed harder. "It's not like you're packing a bomb."

I laughed. "I have problems with authority."

"We're literally paying an airline to take us to Japan. It's a service. We're the customers."

"And when we're in Japan, I'll remember that and wonder why I was worried," I said.

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