Monday, September 11, 2023

Remarkably Unlikely

This was the day before we left.

"I know you' went to Liberia, and spent a month in Colombia, and traveled all through Southeast Asia," I said, "but if you take me through these two weeks and get me back home, you'll have legitimately earned the hero designation."

"It's a test of everything I learned," Eli 22.1 said, laughing. "A crowning achievement."

"Hey, I'm doing all right," I said. "I just get anxious."

"Again, my friend, you are in the trunk," he said. "I'm driving."

I think I speak for both of us when I say thank goodness for that.

Later, I tried to check in and the American Airlines website was throwing all kinds of strange errors, along with distinctly unhelpful help. He laughed and said, "This has literally never happened to anyone. It could only happen to you."

Which is probably very, very true.

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