Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Coherence (part two)

Okay, this is the real coherence story I was sidetracked from yesterday. 

To be fair, the sidetracking was entirely done by myself.

I don't watch dating shows, but I see lots of promos, and lots of people who have had "work" done on their faces. I see plenty of woman in my small town who've had work done, too. Men have cosmetic surgery, as well, so it's not just women. 

There's been something bothering me for decades about plastic surgery, but I could never explain it until now.

I see so many people in their fifties and sixties whose faces have lost coherence. 

One feature doesn't quite fit with another. One is too big in proportion to others, or too lifted, or too stretched, or something. People who haven't had plastic surgery never look like this. Their faces might be attractive or unattractive, but their faces make sense.

With cosmetic surgery, though, in many cases it seems like some degree of coherence is lost. So I look at a person and don't understand their face anymore. 

I'm sure there's plenty of excellent cosmetic surgery I never notice, because it still looks natural, but I see so many seemingly-wealthy people (presumably going to expensive surgeons) whose faces turn into a kind of puzzle. Plus, they all start to blend together, which is even more odd. There's a "look" that's desirable, and everyone tries to achieve it, but all it does is take away their uniqueness.

I understand why people have it done--we all want to be young forever--but it seems like such a high cost.

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