Wednesday, December 06, 2023


I did a search on old posts for "coherence" to make sure I hadn't mentioned this before.

I hadn't (and I'll write about it tomorrow), but I was reminded of the singles funniest quote from an athlete I've ever heard. 

This was Jerome James, aka "Big Snacks," who could best be described as "durable," a big man who had a 9-year NBA career in spite of never averaging over 5.4 points a game or 4.1 rebounds. He was 7'1", though, and like Abe Lemons used to say, "Fast guys get tired, but tall guys never get short."

By the way, his career salary total in the NBA was 44.7 million. This is why you want your children to be 7'1" and play basketball.

Jerome was a colorful local character, to put it mildly. Once his coach accused him of being selfish, to which Jerome replied, "I don't even know what he is talking about. I just worry about Jerome."

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