Monday, December 04, 2023


It's only December 4 and I'm already sick of Christmas. 

Maybe it's just because I'm an old grouch, but it seems like holiday hype has continually amped up over the last decade. Not just commercially, but also with the number of people spending huge amounts of money for ornate yard displays. 

I don't remember trees being sold before Thanksgiving, either (but I saw them this year). I don't know how anyone can keep a tree reasonably fresh for more than two weeks, let alone a month. It's basically kindling by then.

Eli 22.4 is coming home on December 24, which will be great. For everything else, though, I think I could give it a pass.

I miss the days when it was just Charlie Brown and Rudolph and a tree. Oh, and the Grinch. 

Maybe I was using the Grinch as a manual. That could be the problem. 

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