Thursday, February 15, 2024

Keyboard (2109-2024)

I have an ancient Microsoft Surface Pro that I use for editing. It's what I always use for editing, and it's seen me through year after year work. 

Yesterday, the "n" key on the detachable keyboard stopped working.

Understandable, really. The Type Cover keyboard on the Surface Pro is quite flimsy, but it feels fantastic, it's not loud, and can I can type at high speed, so it's perfect for me.

You'd think replacing a detachable keyboard would be easy. I just hopped onto Amazon, found a compatible model, and ordered it for delivery today.


With every product now, Amazon has dozens of knock-offs listed as well. Most of them work, but it's often different enough to screw you up. In this case, I have to charge this new keyboard for reasons unknown before I can actually attach it to the Surface Pro. 

The old keyboard didn't need charging, so I'm baffled. I only discovered it needed charging after a long, stupid troubleshooting process, because the instruction page was wedged into the packaging and I didn't see it until a few minutes ago. 

This is a long-winded way of explaining why I'm not talking about cemeteries in San Cristobal today, or the 5" of snow we got out of nowhere this morning, or anything else, either.

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