Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Units of Currencies

C is amused by my unit of currency, which is televisions.

If I'm considering a trip, I think about how much a 65" OLED costs. The trip becomes two televisions, or three televisions. A high-end phone? That's about .75 televisions. A nice tablet is .35 televisions.

I've made purchase decisions this way. Is the utility of Device X as high as a 65" OLED? Very few things are, in my opinion.

When I'm with C, I'll occasionally refer to something as costing "two televisions," which endlessly amuses her. Well, maybe not endlessly.

Today, I was in a grocery store, and there were two guys in their 20s talking as they scanned groceries. "No way," one of them said. "That's almost four hats."

Welcome to the hat economy.

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