Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Mom 94.1 and the new computer

I'm installing a new computer for Mom this week. Here's an abbreviated data dump if you also need to do this soon.

First off, I ordered a Lenovo all-in-one because it had solid specs for $700 (i5 CPU, 16GB, 256SSD+1TB HD, 23.8" monitor). The monitor maxes out at 1920x1080, but that's okay, because text is a little larger for Mom and the image is sharp. Oh, and it's quiet. I've never even heard it, and I have freakish hearing (which is usually a curse).

It's much faster than I expected, and exponentially faster than the seven-year-old HP system it replaces.
It comes with Windows 11 Pro, which is fortunate, because it has zero crapware installed. Lenovo didn't load it up with garbage, either, so I didn't have to uninstall a ton of programs.

I decided this time to turn the system on and finish the Win 11 installation on the first day, resolve as many known issues as I could, then watch Mom use it every day. She has a very specific routine, and just observing helped me understand very quickly where she was having difficulty. I've done this for the last two days, and I'm fairly confident now that everything works the way she expects. I'll watch her tomorrow and resolve any remaining issues before I go home on Thursday.

Thumbs up to Lenovo and Windows 11 Pro.

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