Monday, April 29, 2024


I was thinking today about the little house where I grew up. Then I remembered the slalom.

I watched the 1968 Olympics, and the skiing in particular. It was incredibly exciting, because I'd never seen snow in person. Grenoble, France seemed like magic. Skiing looked amazing, but I wasn't going to be doing it anytime soon.

Not the Olympic version, anyway.

However 6.10 Me did get our sizable stack of National Geographic magazines out of the bookcase and arrange them in the living room as gates, then put on my jeans. For the starting gate I used the doorway into the kitchen, because I could slingshot from it just like Olympic skiers. Then I "slalomed" around the gates on my knees, using my hands as ski poles. 

Mom had just waxed the floors, so it was slippery, which made it even better. I timed the runs, and kept track of the best ones.

You may be surprised to find out I medaled.

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