Thursday, May 16, 2024

Friday Links!

Now that I have cereal, it's onward and upward. 

From Wally, and it's fascinating: Visingsö Oak Forest: What Happened to Naval Trees in Sweden Meant To Build Ships That Never Existed? It seems unnecessary: LG wants to roast your retinas with its new 10,000-nit OLED panels for VR headsets. We don't really own anything: ‘My whole library is wiped out’: what it means to own movies and TV in the age of streaming services

From Brian B., and it's a fantastic read: The Creator Of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Knows Exactly Where It All Went Wrong

From Meg McReynolds, and what a great idea: How a Government Agency’s Offbeat Twitter Memes Landed in the Library of Congress

From C. Lee, and this is bad timing, because I wanted to build a system soon: No reprieve for PC builders as skyrocketing metal prices set to impact component costs. More features we pay for but don't use: Tech brands are forcing AI into your gadgets—whether you asked for it or not. I'm so disappointed that Google search has turned into trash: Watch out for tech support scams lurking in sponsored search results. All I know is I could definitively tell the difference between cane sugar Dr. Pepper (known as Dublin Dr. Pepper for years) and "regular" Dr. Pepper: Is Mexican Coke Better? | The Food Lab, Drinks Edition. Also: Do 'Better' Eggs Really Taste Better? | The Food Lab. Provocative, since I'm going to the dentist for a check-up on Monday: Do you need a dentist visit every 6 months? That filling? The data is weak. Shots fired: What is the point of Xbox? This is very clever: In an Emoji History of Art, ND Stevenson Playfully Recreates Iconic Paintings. Artist Yuiko Noritake: Yuiko Noritake instagram. A lovely obituary: Fuzjko Hemming was one of a kind who knew all about hardship.

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