Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Standing Room Only

I was in line at the drugstore when I heard the cashier talking to a customer.

She asked him why he was carrying an instrument. I was a bit disconnected, as I was reading a book on my phone, so I didn't look up. He said he had a gig, and the way he said "gig" gave it a substantial amount of gravitas, like he was in Led Zeppelin and they were about to play an outdoor concert in front of 100,000. 

I don't know why I didn't look up, but I kept reading. I did glance at him on his way out, though, and saw three men with small stringed instruments.

After the drugstore, I walked to the grocery store. I spent a few minutes shopping and was carrying an unreasonable amount of groceries when I heard a ukulele. I looked down the aisle and Led Zeppelin was playing in front of the avocados. On sale, 99 cents each.

The avocados, not Led Zeppelin.

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