Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Here are a few more notes about NCAA. First, not all the stadiums have the lighting problem that I mentioned yesterday. It's a night game problem only, and if it happens, it will happen in all night games in that stadium.

Also, I forget to mention the speed of simulation. It feels significantly slower than last year, both when simulating games and recruiting.

Bill Abner has some entertaining real-time outrage over at the The Blog for the Sports Gamer (http://sportsgamer.blogspot.com/). The running game, once again, is not modeled properly. It's never been modeled properly--teams don't run as often as they should, and dominant running teams are almost nonexistant. That matters, because it skews game balance significantly. I like the fluffy features they've added this year, like shaking screens and sign creation and whatnot, but they should be able to fix an obvious game balance issue.

Even with all that, if I can avoid the poorly-lighted stadiums, this game is worth playing for a while.

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