Friday, July 09, 2004

Sports Shorts

There is a beautifully written and moving story about Thurman Munson's life here:

Some you, I'm sure, remember the excellent basketball documentary Hoop Dreams (1994), which followed two inner-city Chicago schoolboys as they played high school basketball in preparation for what they hoped would be stardom in the NBA. William Gates and Arthur Agee were two memorable personalities, and the latest issue of Sports Illustrated has a Where Are They Now? feature on how their lives turned out. If you can track down a copy, their story and the other Where Are They Now? updates make for great reading.

I just got an e-mail from EBGames saying that my NCAA 2004(Xbox) order has shipped. What that usually means is that it will be in retail locations like EB and Gamestop tomorrow (Saturday), with web orders being delivered on Monday. [UPDATE: None of my local EB's say they'll have it on Saturday, so it's probably a delivery on Monday for retail as well.]By the way, Bill Abner has developed some great sliders for NCAA in the past, so you might want to keep an eye on to see the latest status.

Sega's move to push up the release date for ESPN NFL 2K5 has put EA in a position where they can't respond. If they move up the Madden date from August 9 to July 20 match Sega, they're going to be cannibalizing their own NCAA sales. Never eat your own. So EA is just going to have to sit there and take it.

I also saw that the PC version of Madden is still scheduled to come out September 8, which is a full month behind the console versions. Chances are good that there will be another Madden sliders project this year, and I'll let you know when it's about to start up if you're interested in participating.

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