Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Then There's This


What I am I linking to? Why, Flat-D, the '#1 name in flatulence odor control for humans and canines.'

Cats! What about cats?

It's come to this. I write about silly links I've found and then you guys punish me by sending me more. You do this because you absolutely know that I can't resist phrases like 'developed for the British Chemical Defense Establishment for use in chemical warfare suits protecting soldiers from nerve gas and other toxic vapors.' Or a photo of a smiling flatulist (I made that up, but I guess you already know that) and this description:

Flatulence is part of life!
By Frank Morosky
Flatulence Guru

How do you get that title? Clearly, it can't be via the conventional means of meditation, because I assume that you'd keep interrupting yourself. Not to mention that it would have to be self-study. I only hope this guy isn't a motivational speaker. I don't think I can stand an infomercial where the slogan is 'Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Flatulent!'

If you're wondering what in the world this product could actually be, it's a charcoal pad that you tape to your underwear. Even better, its reusable! 'Depending on use, some customers say it will last 2 to 4 weeks, normally a minimum of 10 hand washings.'How often do these people wash their hands?

Lastly, let me also remind you to check out their FAQ page, because I know you're just dying to find out if you can use it with a thong.

Curses on Bobby Orr for sending me the link.

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