Friday, July 30, 2004

Walking With Giants

Bill Abner is considered to be the dean of sports game reviewers. He is methodical and careful in his evaluation of sports games, and he is one of the very few reviewers who I consider totally reliable, even if I don't always agree with him. He's also a very nice guy and I consider him a friend via e-mail, even though we've only met once for about ten seconds at E3 one year.

We have this curious connection, though, and it's always funny. At least once a year, I'll do something with sliders or mods or something involving sports games and Bill will mistakenly get credited for it, if 'credited' is the proper word. This year it's an analysis of the trade issue in NFL2K5 where I said that turning off pre-season games and weekly prep will reduce the trade frequency to a more correct (and very tolerable) level. I got an e-mail today from Bill saying that there was a thread over at the Operation Sports forums about his analysis of the trade issue. The normal sequence for this is that someone will make a post crediting Bill A., then somebody will mention his stature as the leading sports reviewer, and then the praise will get heaped on until Bill himself gets wind of it and makes a post correcting everyone. It's great.

Bill Abner: he casts a giant shadow.

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