Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Eli 3.1: The New Behavior

We told Eli 3.1 that if he wanted to go play on the deck, he had to ask for permission first. We have a small deck in the backyard, it's a safe place, and sometimes we let him go out on his own for a few minutes because we can still see him through the living room windows.

He says "Sure. Why not?" This is part of his new hipster lingo.

This morning, he opens the back door, steps outside, walks to one of the windows, and shouts "MOMMY! CAN I GO OUTSIDE?"

Today he was at his Kindermusic class, and at the end of the class the teacher asked each kid what part of their body they'd like to say goodbye with. So they go around the circle and kids are picking hands, feet, mouth, etc.

Not Eli 3.1. The teacher asks him what body part he'd like to say goodbye with and he says "My bottom!"

Stand-up comedian at 3.1. That's my boy.

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