Tuesday, November 23, 2004

At Least It's Still Tuesday

This is what's known in the business as a late start.

Well, it's not a business, and I'm not in it, but if it was and I were, it would be.

I realized today that I'm still reading the printed newspaper because I like to turn the pages. I get almost all of my news online now, as most of the major news organizations print almost all their content online, and it's all more current than what you see in the newspaper.

For the sports section, ESPN and Sportsline have an overwhelming amount of content, and if I want to see how newspapers covered the day's sports, I go to www.sportspages.com (subscription, but well worth it if you're a sports fan). Sportspages.com has daily links to stories and columns in the major newspapers in the U.S., and the sheer depth and breadth of the links is impressive.

That left the comics. There are three sites that, combined, offer every major comic in the U.S. (and hundreds of smaller comics as well). Again, all of these sites are subscription-based, but they're each cheaper than a magazine subscription, and you can get your favorite comics e-mailed to you each day, which is a real pleasure. This would also make a great gift for someone who enjoys the comics.

Here are the sites:
--www.mycomicspage.com (130 comics to choose from, including Foxtrot and Doonesbury)
--www.comics.com (70 comics, including Get Fuzzy, Dilbert, Liberty Meadows)
--www.dailyink.com (90 comics, including Sherman's Lagoon and Zits)

And for gaming news, I again have to recommend www.gametab.com. You'll see updates grouped by gaming site with direct links to the articles. It's an easy way to see gaming news for 10+ sites at one time and is a tremendously well-executed idea. This site is only a couple of years old and has done tremendously well because it offers such a valuable service.

And if you want to start a gaming website from scratch (as I digress), look no further than www.gamerswithjobs.com. Those guys started less than two years ago, and the amound of content and forum activity they have is just amazing. From day one, they created their own distinctive look and feel for the site, and they've clearly proven that there is plenty of room for new gaming sites--as long as they're fresh.

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