Friday, November 26, 2004

Goofus and Gallant--and the Shank

From the Boston Herald:
WORCESTER, Mass. - A man was charged with stabbing two relatives who allegedly criticized his table manners during Thanksgiving dinner. Police said the fight broke out when Gonzalo Ocasio, Jr., 18, and his father, Gonzalo Ocasio, 49, reprimanded an uncle for picking at the turkey with his fingers, instead of slicing off pieces with a knife, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported Friday. The uncle, Frank Palacious, 24, of Worcester, allegedly responded by stabbing them with a carving knife.

Man, come on! Stabbing people who criticize your table manners IS bad table manners. Stabbing is much worse than reaching or using your fingers or even eating with your mouth open. I think somebody needs to spend five to seven years in time out.

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