Friday, November 12, 2004

Tech Geek 3.3

As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up the Saitek Gaming Keyboard with the neon blue backlight. It's a nice keyboard, the 9-button programmable 'command pad' is a nice addition, and I'm very pleased with it so far. Plus, I admit, the neon blue backlighting looks awesome. It belongs in Blade Runner.

Eli 3.3 walks into my study this morning. He's been having some kind of confrontation with Gloria in the living room, which is kind of a phase he's going through, and he's hollering and crying and trying to breathe all at the time. "Daddy," he says, "Mommy won't let me with the milk and I can't see the sticker and I'm very upset and I wanted a waffle and I got a timeout and I want to see one more show and Mommy won't let me and..." He's all bluster and volume, and he's wiping his nose because he's crying, and then he looks at my desk.
"WOW! Now THAT is one COOL keyboard!"

Tech geek. That's my boy.

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