Friday, January 21, 2005

Your Four Words

Thanks very much to all of you who sent in your own four words to describe your structural bias. Some were thoughtful, some were goofy, and I'm very happy to reprint them all here. Like I said, I'm not using names, except in one case of special merit.

So here they are, in absolutely no particular order:
Whatever happens, everything's cool.
I'll do it later.
Everybody is an idiot.
Natural selection in action.
I want more money.
I have no idea.
Always keep your balance.
Do it this way.
Um, what just happened?
Is that really it?
Path of Least Resistance
My underwear's too tight.
Who the hell cares?
Keep optimist in check.
You gonna eat that?
Everyone else is stupid.
It's a mystery (counting "it's" as two words).
Things will change soon.
Prove it to me.
What to do next?
Shit happens: Accept it.
Something has to give.
I am hugely unoriginal.
We are all doomed.
Everybody thinks they're right.
Always hedge your bets.
You want summa this?

Where is the meaning?
Always expect the worst.
What could go wrong?

The one mention with name goes to Nate Carpenter, who wrote:
I needed five words.

That's only half of them. I'll have the rest on Monday.

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