Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dangerous Waters Contest

[Contest is now over. See post above for winners. Thanks.]

I have two copies of the Deluxe edition of Dangerous Waters, and I'd like to have a contest to give them away. Because this is a naval simulation, I want the contest itself to help identify people who would really enjoy the game. So I asked DQ reader and Sonalysts Associate Producer Jamie Carlson, and he responded with a few questions to weed out the weak, so to speak. And here they are:

1. Which anti-submarine platform in Dangerous Waters is also highly capable in performing reconnaissance and surveillance missions due to its ability to fly at high altitudes and its long-range sensor ability?

2. What is a common nickname for the Kilo Improved class diesel submarine for its quietness and proficiency to remain undetected (or just "disappear") from its enemies?

3. Which modern U.S. nuclear attack submarine is equipped with multiple Vertical Launch (VLS) tubes for long-range land strike and anti-surface capability?

If you're interested in the game and the contest, but baffled by the questions, here's a hint: try the game's website (

First two entries to correctly answer all three questions will win a copy of the game.

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