Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sad News

Gloria's grandmother passed away this morning. She was a fine woman, kind and sunny, and she lived her life without regrets, one of the few people I've ever known who could truly do so. I think she was happy almost every day of her life.

We'll be leaving for Shreveport tomorrow or Saturday. I don't know if I'll write anything else until we get back.

Gloria’s grandmother had moved into a rest home recently because her home was in a neighborhood that had grown so dangerous in the last ten years that it just wasn’t safe for her to live there anymore. Gloria sat down and wrote her a letter, and she’s letting me publish some of it here. It somehow makes both of us feel a little better that more people will know about how special her grandmother was. I hope it reminds some of you of your own grandparents, and if you’re lucky enough to still have them around, maybe you could give them a call.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I will always be grateful for all the wonderful days we shared at your house over the years. I think some of my happiest moments in childhood were spent there. Of course I remember playing in your “pantry,” which you sacrificed to give me a playhouse, also known as Doris’ Restaurant, the art studio etc. etc. (Even though I served Glenn kerosene water in the café that time, it still was a fine establishment!). Then there were so many other things – Spending the night on Fridays, and waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons in bed while you made pancakes and bacon. Or sleeping over on a warm evening and lying in bed with the windows open and the breeze coming in. Watching TV in the beanbags with Glenn. Sitting around the kitchen table on Sunday afternoons with you, Mama and Peggy, gossiping and clipping coupons or painting Granddaddy’s wooden creations. Eating all those fresh vegetables from the garden. Playing with Tiger, Miss Kitty and Penny and all the other animal members of the family. Trying on all the old clothes in your closet (mostly Peggy’s) and pretending to be a fashion model.

Mostly I liked the feeling that you and Granddaddy created in the house – it was always so warm and welcoming. Everybody felt at home there and everybody came to visit you. People could just hang out there and not have to be doing anything in particular. Although, of course, we had to eat something while we were there or you wouldn’t be very happy with us! I hope my own home can be like yours someday.

Good-bye, Neva. We love you.

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