Monday, April 11, 2005

Here We Go

All right, it's officially on.

Last week, Sony tried to junior-high Microsoft by scheduling its official launch for the PS3 three hours before Microsoft's launch of Xbox Next.

So now we get this (Reuters):
LOS ANGELES - Microsoft Corp. Monday said it would unveil the next generation of its Xbox video game console in a May 12 special on cable music and entertainment channel MTV.

The unveiling will be a first, as video game companies usually take the wraps off their new consoles at the industry trade show E3 -- which will be held the following week in Los Angeles.

Microsoft said the special would also air in Japan the morning of May 13 and across Europe that evening. Actor Elijah Wood will host the show.

The special will include footage of next-generation Xbox games and also online play, Microsoft said.

Sony should be moving up their date in another hour or so. By next week, both companies will have announced that they're officially launching their consoles last October.

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