Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why, Kiss My Grits

Eli's "Nana" (Gloria's mother, from Shreveport) came to visit last weekend for three days. She has a very, very exaggerated Southern accent.

Much to our surprise, Eli now has a heavy Southern accent, or at least his approximation of one. It takes him five seconds to say one-syllable words like "bad" or "that." Saying "why" takes several minutes, seemingly, enough time to assemble a grill, or alternately, to bleed to death.

We're hoping this winds down of its own accord, since we both have neutral accents (or so we've been told).

A few months ago, a waiter said something to us that made us both laugh. I forgot to mention it then, but listening to Eli 3.9 made me remember. We went to an Outback one night, sat down, and the waiter walked over and said "Would ya'll like something to drink, ya'll?"

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