Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gaming Links

Two links for your reading and viewing pleasure:
--first, part three of Elysium's gaming store manager series over at Gamers With Jobs. Links to parts one and two are also available. Just head on over to www.gamerswithjobs.com and click on the link for "The Retail Game, Part III: What's Next".

--There's a phenomenal new trailer for Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360. This is all in-game footgage, and you'll also see some camera shots from Gotham TV, which is a very innovative spectator mode that will allow you to watch some of the top-rated human racers in action. It's all very, very slick, and spectacular looking as well. From Gametab via Daily Game
http://www.dailygame.net/news/archives/004368.php. That link also gives you an excellent description of what to look for (and when it appears) in the trailer.

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