Friday, July 22, 2005

The Stuff

I made another run to Circuit City last week, before the $9.99 game sale ended. So did Glen Haag of, and combined we have a nice assortment of games. For you.

Here's the list:
Far Cry
Evil Genius
Beyond Good and Evil
Lock On
Age of Mythology
Tiger Woods 2005
Full Spectrum Warrior
Star Wars Battlefront
Freedom Force vs The Third Reich
Commandos 3
Warhammer 40K (2 copies)
Rise of Nations (2 copies)
Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

Just send me an e-mail with the game you want AND your shipping address. First come, first serve. If you don't include your shipping address, your entry won't count. If the game's already gone, I'll send you a "Sorry. Already gone." reply.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your e-mails.

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