Friday, July 22, 2005

The Ingestible Thermometer

Here's a pretty amazing bit of science.

Four years after former Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Korey Stringer died of a heatstroke, the Vikings are considering using a "radio pill" that would transmit player's body temperature to a wireless device during practice, according to a report. The patented Cortemp™, ingestible core body thermometer pill was developed by HQ Inc., and is already being used by the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars according to the report.

That's unbelievable. Everybody swallows one of these capsules and once they reach the intestines, they transmit a true core temperature to a handheld device. A team trainer could accurately monitor the core temperatures of the entire team during workouts in the summer months.

It's expensive, and the pills only work for 1-2 days, but what a technology. And when you have millions of dollars invested in a player, it's worth the expense to safeguard the investment.

Here's the link:

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