Thursday, July 28, 2005

You Might Not Ever Get Rich, But Let Me Tell You, It's Better Than Digging a Ditch

We went to get pizza at a local place called Mangia's yesterday. It's a popular spot for Eli 3.11, mostly because a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is right next door. Mangia's also has a pizza delivery truck with a dinosaur on top, which is another big draw.

Eli must, absolutely must, inspect the truck every time we go there. After he's done, we're walking back from the parking lot, and as we're walking we hear music.

Car Wash. By Rose Royce.


There are a few other people milling around on the sidewalk. Well, they were milling until they heard Eli--then they were staring.

Then he added "THIS AIN'T NO PLACE TO BE IF YOU PLAN ON BEING A STAR." I could barely hear him--I was busy covering up our license plates.

There's a story attached to that, as you might expect. I don't sit around our house listening to Rose Royce's Greatest Hits.

I'm sure you're relieved to find that out.

This all started due to one inescapable fact: baths are boring. So in an attempt to jazz up bathtime for Eli 3.11, I introduced--the Car Wash Bath©. I'd load up a big bath sponge with soap, rinse him off, air dry him (hair dryer on cool), then use a little hand towel to "wax" him, waving it in circles when he was finished. Singing "Car Wash" the whole time.

You'll be tremendously relieved to know that Mp3's of this performance are not available, although the government does have one copy to train its secret agents in resisting torture.

It didn't take long before Eli learned the song, too, and we would just belt it out upstairs, pretty much singing at the top of our lungs. We only did that for about two months, but even a year later, Eli still knows the song by heart and starts laughing every time he hears it. So do I.

Gloria rolls her eyes. Of course, she had to listen to us.

And you knew I'd find a clip for you. It's song #4.

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