Friday, August 26, 2005

Earl Weaver Baseball

Robert Coffey wrote a wonderful tribute to Earl Weaver Baseball in the latest issue of The Escapist and you can find it here:

I had an Amiga 500 in 1988, and Earl Weaver Baseball was a miracle--terrific A.I., almost completely editable, and it even had synthesized speech (think "robot") to announce the batter's name. Hearing it trying to pronounce "Pete Incaviglia" was like special bonus content.

This was back in the days where you played one game for months, and I did. I started playing in late July, and by September I had caught up to the real baseball season, game for game. For a reason long forgotten, I wasn't using the standings in the game--I was using real life. So my Texas Rangers were in a bizarre kind of hybrid pennant race, and I still remember missing out on the playoffs in the LAST game of a 162-game season because the real Oakland A's won their game in the twelfth inning.

Earl Weaver Baseball inspired an incredible level of devotion, and Coffey's story captures it perfectly.

The only other baseball game I ever played a full season in was World Series Baseball '98 for the Saturn, which was also a wonder. For years, Gloria used to say "It's a HIGH fly ball!" because she heard that phrase about a thousand times during the "season."

Yes, the Yankees beat me in the playoffs. Bitches.

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