Thursday, September 29, 2005


For our European readers, an excellent article over at about the remarkable wastefulness of Gizmondo executives. You could probably substitute "incompetence" for wastefulness as well. Here's my favorite part:
The report goes on to state that Tamela Sainsbury, the corporate secretary of Gizmondo Europe, was paid nearly $150,000 in base compensation during 2004, plus $83,000 in bonuses. She was also provided with a "luxury automobile" worth $70,000.

And get this! Tamela Sainsbury lives with her partner, Steve Carroll, who is a director of Gizmondo Europe! What a funny old world, you couldn't make it up etc etc.

Classy. Apparently, being a corporate secretary at Gizmondo is quite the gig, although I hear that the after-hours duties can be stomach churning.

And there's much, much more to read about.
Here's the link:

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