Monday, September 19, 2005

Top Ten

DQ reader Devon Prescott sent me an e-mail and attached the following list as a P.S. If you recognize #9, you are exceedingly clever.

I, based on that challenge, am not.

Top Ten game development brainstorming session phrases that SHOULD NEVER BE UTTERED:
1. It’ll be like Jagged Alliance only real time.
2. You play an Amish seed-saver fighting the giant Ag companies hybrid crops.
3. It’s a Total War license without fighting or violence.
4. It’s an MMORPG about creating an MMORPG.
5. It’s different because it’s “Leisure Suit LANNY”, see?
6. The multiplayer could be delivered later, in a patch.
7. We expect the development cycle to take only six months.
8. By splitting the project team between Pakistan and San Jose it will increase productivity.
9. Give me lever and a place to stand and I can leverage the existing IP until eternity.
10. It’s a Flash-only online game but we are using Star force.

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