Wednesday, October 19, 2005

360 News

Here are a couple of news items on the Xbox 360. First, the PC version of the 360 controller can now be purchased--I bought one at Best Buy today. How does it feel? Well, excellent. It feels very comfortable in my hands and I don't have to struggle to reach anything. The white and black buttons are now above the left and right trigger and that seems to work fine.

I can't comment on how it plays in games because I haven't used it yet. Yes, I'm such a loser that I actually took it out of the package just to see how it fit in my hands. I'll never live that down.

Second, according to Joystiq, Xbox 360 kiosks are now on display at some local Wal-Marts, with playable demos of Kameo, Call of Duty 2, and King Kong. This appears to be a nationwide rollout, but details are otherwise scarce at this point.

Third, and thanks to DQ reader Dave Kramer for pointing this out, it appears that the 360 is not going to support the transfer of saved games from the original Xbox, even for games that it's backward compatible with. That's just a bad decision. They need to change that. Otherwise it will be known as HAC (half-ass compatibility) mode.

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