Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Surprise Can Compare

Clearly, I'm in junior high again, because this must be the greatest headline ever:
Nut-cracking gorilla surprises scientists

Oh, I bet they were.

And after my juvenile fart-joke sense of humor subsided, I found out that it was a very interesting article. Here's an excerpt:
GOMA, Congo (AP) -- An infant gorilla in a Congo sanctuary is smashing palm nuts between two rocks to extract oil, surprising and intriguing scientists who say they have much to learn about what gorillas can do -- and about what that says about evolution.

It had been thought that the premeditated use of stones and sticks to accomplish a task like cracking nuts was restricted to humans and the smaller, more agile chimpanzees.

It seems that the more we study gorillas, the more we find out they can do. Here's the link:


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