Friday, October 28, 2005

I've Already Tried That

Eli 4.2 was not getting ready for pre-school in a timely fashion this morning. He has a deal with Gloria where there are certain tasks he does in the morning, like make his bed, get dressed, brush his teeth, etc. He gets a little prize after he does all these things for a week, and there's a little chart on the refrigerator that he gets to check when he's completed something.

"Now Eli," she said, as I came down the stairs, "You haven't done anything I've asked you this morning. It's time to leave for school and you're still not dressed and your teeth aren't brushed."

Eli, still in his pajamas, pointed a finger at Gloria. "Psew! Psew!" he said.

"And making space laser noises at me is not actually doing something."

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