Friday, October 21, 2005

Stubbs the Zombie

Here's an excerpt from Gamespot's Stubbs the Zombie review:
As you progress through the game, you'll earn four special moves. The first is a gaseous blast that stuns everyone around you, making them easy targets. Then you'll get the ability to throw (and regrow) your pancreas. This is done with the L trigger, and a second press causes it to explode, which is handy. It's really a hand grenade that you can use to zombify humans from a distance. You'll also learn how to remove your arm, which plops to the floor and gives you control. You can scoot your arm along on the ground, climb up walls, and hop onto the heads of humans, which possesses them and puts you in control. This lets you use humans to flip switches or use their firearms to eliminate a bunch of other humans by remote. The final power lets you take off your head and bowl it on the ground, which takes out anything it hits and explodes, similar to the pancreas move. Each attack is governed by a meter, and eating brains partially refills all four of them.

You had me at pancreas.

In short: it's short. Only about FIVE HOURS for the single-play campaign, according to Gamespot. Which is too bad, because they also mention how the game is truly funny, looks great, and has outstanding sound effects.

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