Thursday, October 20, 2005

The OMG Cup

DQ reader Carlos Camacho (okay, he said he was only an occasional reader, but he was extremely courteous) asked me to mention a development contest and I'm glad to do so. Here's his description (from the website):
The OMG (Original Mac Games) Cup is a new game programming contest established by iDevGames, in connection with Freeverse Software, to encourage unique Mac game development. iDevGames is proud to partner with the Mac platform’s leading game developer of original Mac games, Freeverse Software. The challenge of the contest is to create innovative Mac OS X games that emphasize engaging gameplay—in only six weeks! The OMG Cup builds on the success of our smaller contest, “21 Days Later,” and the industry leading annual contest, “uDevGames.”

You can find complete contest details here:

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