Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We Sold It

I set out at lunch today to find Shadow of the Colossus. Ico was so fantastic that I'm willing to pull the PS2 out of mothballs just for this one game.

I pulled into the EB that's about a quarter mile from work.
"Did you guys get Shadow of the Colossus today?"

"Sure did. Do you have a pre-order?"


"Oh! I'm sorry, but we don't have any extra copies left. Somebody came in this morning."


Second EB--about three miles from work. "Sorry, we don't have any extra copies. We sold it."


These stores are getting ONE copy beyond their pre-order totals?

What was particularly annoying about the second EB is that they called and left this lengthy message on the answering machine last week asking if we had any used games we wanted to sell. The clerk was clearly reading from a script, and it was clearly spam. Unbelievable.

So I went to a Gamestop which is about two hundred yards from the second EB. They had over ten extra copies above their pre-order totals.

This may be a temporary issue related to the recent merger, or it may be something else entirely, but based on this admittedly small sample it looks like inventory allocation of new games is significantly higher for Gamestop than it is for EB right now.

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