Tuesday, November 22, 2005


This game looks absolutely spectacular. So far, second in graphics only to PGR3. And it's a different kind of beauty, because it's very much a cartoon world, with bright, unbelievably vivid colors. It's stunning to see--just glorious.

Having said that, it's still essentially a platformer. The environments are a bit more free-ranging, but it seems like every ten seconds there's a little puzzle to solve to move on to the next area. If that's your kind of thing, you'll be in heaven. For me, it's not really that entertaining.

One of the reasons it's not entertaining are the controls. They seem a little sluggish and imprecise to me--I have a hard time getting characters lined up exactly the way I want them, and being perfectly oriented is critical to completing some of these puzzles.

Here's the story, I think: Kameo's father and mother have been captured by the King of Trolls, and something or other unleased the trolls. Kameo's an elf, if I heard them correctly. So she must reach the top of the castle to save her parents. Or something like that. Kameo's a shapeshifter, so she can shift into three other equally amusing, cartoon-like characters.

Like I said, if you're still into platformers, I think you'd fall in love with this game right from the beginning. If you're like me, though, and platformers just aren't your thing anymore, this makes for an excellent 360 demo disc, but it's not something I'd spent a lot of time on without a guide, because I'm not going to muck about with puzzles for hour after hour.

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