Tuesday, November 22, 2005

King Kong

PGR3 felt perfectly in sync at all times. This game definitely does not.

The sound effects are superb. All the voices in the game appear to be actors in the film, and they're excellent.

Visually, though, while the game looks very sharp, it doesn't particularly look next-gen in terms of detail or textures. The animation is a little clunky, the character models don't have as much detail as I expected, and graphically it's just not that impressive.

Gameplay? Well, it's a first-person adventure/shooter, basically. You're with a party and they're leading you through caverns and along cliffs, etc. It's pretty straightforwad and nothing I haven't seen done better elsewhere. Relatively repetitive so far.

I haven't seen Kong yet. That might really amp this game up. So far, though, it's very vanilla. Sharp, with terrific sound effects, but not much else.

And just as a general comment, I'm probably pre-disposed to like these launch games. As someone who's followed HD for many years, and as someone who watches HD on television almmost exclusively now (that happens once you see HD--you don't want to go back), I've waited for a long time to see games that look as sharp as high-definition programming. So this is a real thrill for me.

Next up: NBA 2K6.

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