Thursday, November 17, 2005

On Gaming

Three excellent links to gaming stories.

First, over at Kotaku, a story about a personal experience of writer Brian Ashcraft while he was attending the Osaka Games Festa. I don't want to say anything else, but it's a seemingly very modest (and troubling) anecdote that makes you think, then think some more.

Then there's The Escapist. Good articles every week, and this new issue is no exception. First, a terrific article by Dave Thomas about Jack Thompson titled "You Don't Know Jack," in which he posits the theory that Thompson is, in essence, a griefer. It's a brilliant connection and a very interesting read.

The other article in The Escapist that I wanted to mention is titled "dood, it's part of the game." Writer Greg Tito recounts his experience getting killed repeatedly for an hour and a half on a PVP server by a corpse camper, who he later interviewed.

The other articles in the current issue are good reads as well.

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