Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scary Dougnhut Town

I've mentioned Scary Doughnut Town before. It's in a neighboring city to Austin, and this doughnut place allegedly has the most wonderful doughnuts ever made. People drive from all over to eat these doughnuts.

And they're nasty. Greasy. Dense. Strangely crumpled. Kind of a radiocative yellow color inside.

On Fridays at work, people usually bring doughnuts, and we get them from Scary Doughnut Town or Krispy Kreme. A Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut is light and fluffy. Throw a Scary Town doughnut and you could break a window.

Assuming, of course, that you could even lift one.

So last Friday, someone brought in Scary Town doughnuts, and I sat at a table in the kitchen and just stared at them for a minute. Just looking at them creeps me out, and I have never been able to understand why.

Then I suddenly realized why they were so unsettling: they don't look like food. They look like little, misshapen creatures in the last throes of a terminal illness, not quite dead but barely alive. And if I cut into one of these glazed beings, I expect to find a shriveled, beating heart.

It's the only doughtnut I've ever been afraid to eat because I might contract kuru.

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