Friday, February 17, 2006


Here are some links to get your Friday off to a remarkably unproductive start.

First off, on Einstein's theory of gravity:
A Chinese astronomer from the Univeristy of St Andrews has fine-tuned Einstein's groundbreaking theory of gravity, creating a 'simple' theory which could solve a dark mystery that has baffled astrophysicists for three-quarters of a century.

Dark matter, in other words. Here's the link:

Here's something that's absolutely insane, from Engadget--a postage stamp with moving images. I know, the future is the present. Here's an excerpt:
These unique plastic stamps use lenticular technology to lace twelve film stills together to replay the winning Olympic races of two skating legends (in Holland anyway). These stamps are available now from the Dutch post office.

That's just Philip K. Dick stuff, and here's the link:

One of the skaters on the stamps is Ard Schenk, and believe it or not, my mom thought Ard Schenk was the bomb. I still remember watching him in the Olympics in 1972. He was amazing.

Finally, from MSNBC:
Someday, biochemists will be able to figure out what dinosaurs ate, what diseases afflicted them and how they were related to each other — all by analyzing a bit of organic goo.

At least those are the kinds of tests that could theoretically be carried out in a new field dubbed "paleoproteomics." Paleontologists are becoming increasingly intrigued by the possibilities in the wake of last year's discovery that some of a Tyrannosaurus rex's soft tissues — perhaps its blood cells, blood vessels or fibrous cells — could survive the process of fossilization intact.

Pretty remarkable stuff, and here's the link:

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