Monday, February 13, 2006

More God of War

I spent about two more hours with the game (I think I'm about six hours in right now) this afternoon, and while I still don't understand how this game makes Jaffe a visionary, I certainly respect the care with which this game was made. Outstanding animation, terrific sound effects, excellent voice acting, intricate design--it's all top quality. Yes, the camera is a pain in the ass, and yes, it rips off half a dozen other games, but there's nothing wrong with being derivative as long as you're good.

Is it anywhere near as good as Guitar Hero? Not a freaking chance. It's not even close. I think the reason Guitar Hero didn't get Game of the Year anywhere is that critics couldn't conceive of giving GOTY to a niche game, even one that's perfectly designed and executed.

I think the real risk for someone like Jaffe is that he philosophizes and speaks so much about the future of games that he forgets to make any.

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