Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gaming Links + Info

First off, thanks to DQ reader Jeff McCormick, who let me know that Best Buy is now carrying the standalone Gibson SG controller for Guitar Hero.

Here's a link to the entries in the Photoshop Oblivion contest over at Bovine Conspiracy:

Please note the second picture on that page, which is from DQ reader Michael Byrd, who was robbed. Oblivion and Guitar Hero--two great tastes that taste great together.

Jonathan Flynn sent along a link to Will Wright's talk last year at GDC that includes thirty minutes of additional discussion. Here's his desription:
Most of that additional time is spent talking about games in general, not specifically on Spore. It's filled with valuable insights that really worth catching.

Here's the link:

Ian Dorsch let me know that the Gamers With Jobs podcast this week features an interview with Frank Klepacki (who composed the legendary Command & Conquer music). Here's the link:

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