Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gaming Links

Ugh. 4:00 p.m. and still no Fed Ex delivery. So probably no Oblivion impressions tonight, but I'll have some for you tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some assorted gaming links to distract you.

First, thanks to Chris Vytlacil for letting me know that Episode 10 or Pure Pwnage has been released. As always, you can find it at www.purepwnage.com.

Jason Price of www.talkstrategy.com let me know that Ghost Wars, which I wrote about last May as one of the biggest surprises of E3, has undergone a name change. It will now be called "Field Ops" and is being published by Freeze Interactive. The game lets you jump into first-person mode to control units as desired, and it also had a visual look that was tremendously striking. Here's the official game site:

Thanks to Datter for pointing out that the manual for the compendium Morrowind mod I mentioned last week is available here:
It's also better written than most commercial game manuals. Blackhawk has done a first-class writing job.

The mod is so good and so full of features that it's making me want to play Morrowind again. And since Oblivion is out now, Bethesda has just released the TES Construction Set, so all you guys can get to work. Here's the link:

I linked to the Accordion Hero official game website last week. Now, there's an official post-mortem over at Gamasutra. These guys are very, very clever. Here's the link:

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