Monday, March 20, 2006

Oblivion Tuesday

“Big, big game coming out on Tuesday,” I said to Gloria at dinner last night.

“And you’re telling me because--?” She asked.

“Well, I’ll pretty busy,” I said. “I’m pretty sure I’ll be called upon to right some terrible wrongs and save a kingdom or something.”

“So this would be the ‘medieval kingdom’ setting instead of the ‘man in warehouse’ setting?”

“You know that games have more than two settings,” I said.

“Yes,” she said. “I left out the ‘gritty life in the streets’ setting. That’s the third one.”

Tomorrow is Oblivion Tuesday. I’m getting both versions (PC and 360) of the game and will decide between them (I have a home for the orphan). I’ve already written content for tomorrow, so there will still be plenty to read, but I’ll be spending most of the day playing the game, and I’ll try to have some impressions up Tuesday night. If not, then Wednesday for sure.

I think the one factor working against this game is the unbelievable anticipation that’s surrounded it in the last few months. Offline RPG’s aren’t exactly thriving, to say the least, and it seems like we all have huge expectations for Oblivion after the brilliance of Morrowind. So I think that initially people will be picking the game to death, trying to find fault. I don’t expect it to be perfect—just fun—and that’s what I’ll have in mind as I write up impressions.

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